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New International Business English: communication skills in English for business purposes: Teacher's Book

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428.240 71J76
428.240 71
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In lần thứ 10. - Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2009
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224tr ; 28 cm
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Business benchmark, Business English
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25/03/2013 08:37 AM
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New International Business English is a flexible course at upper intermediate level for people who need English in their daily work. Reading, writing, listening and speaking skills are developed through a range of tasks designed to reflect the world of work. Key features are a learner centred approach, integrated communication activities, coverage of essential business tasks, thorough vocabulary development and frequent opportunities for discussion. The Workbook contains a valuable grammar review. Contents: 1; Face to face; 2; Letters notes matters; 8; Dealing with problems; 9; Visitors and travellers; 10; Marketing; 11; Meetings; 12; Processes and operations; 13; Jobs and careers; 14; Sales and negotiation; 15; A special project.
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