Harvard business essentials: manager’s toolkit : the 13 skills managers need to succeed

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Boston, Mass.: Harvard Business School Press, 2004
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328tr ; 24 cm
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business, managers
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07/11/2008 10:41 AM
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Contents: Learning the basics -- Setting goals that others will pursue : committing to an outcome -- Hiring the best : the role of human assets -- Keeping the best : why retention matters -- Delegating with confidence : avoid being overworked and overwhelmed -- Managing your time : making the most out of your day -- Reaching the next level -- Managing teams : forming a team that makes the difference -- Appraisal and coaching : improving results with feedback -- Handling problem employees : motivating or letting go -- Dealing with crises : dont wait until it hits -- Developing your career : and theirs -- Becoming a leader : the final challenge -- Strategy : a primer -- Financial tools -- Budgeting : seeing the future -- Understanding financial statements : making more authoritative decisions -- Net present value and internal rate of return : accounting for time -- Breakeven analysis: understanding cash flow.
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