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Can't stop talking: discussion problems for advanced beginners and low intermediates

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2. - New York: Thomson/Heinle, 1990
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177tr ; 28 cm
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tiếng Anh, nói
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12/01/2009 09:14 AM
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Contents: How will you ask these personal questions; Timbo's dating service: Who dates whom?; Making the Punishment Fit the Crime!; Geneva: A new Beginning; Which Job should I try for?; What will they look like? What will you ask them?; Our student Association is Bankrupt!; Who are the best citizens of Philadelphia?; What can we do about Michigan's Drunk Drivers?; Let's Put some pizzazz in the TV schedule!; Planning a House for the Richest Man in the City; How will you change the Olympics?; Which Programs will get the Money?; Divorce! Who gets what?; Who deserves the Nobel Peace prize?; Opening a New Restaurant; How can we solve our problems?; Where are we going to build the new airport?; A traveler's guide; Terrorist attack: What action do we take?; Design a U.S travel brochure; Editing and writing a newspaper; Who will be the best teacher?; The future: What will happen if?; Which people should we clone?; Which daycare should we choose?; How do we change the world?; What do men and women think about love?; The people are poor: How do we help them?; The Greenhouse effect: What should we do?; Cave in: Who will get out alive?.
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