Dynamics of structures: theory and applications to earthquake engineering

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624.1762 C549d 2020
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5. - Harlow, United Kingdom: Pearson Education Limited, 2020
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960tr ; 25 cm
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This book on dynamics of structures is conceived as a textbook for courses in civil engineering. It includes many topics in the theory of structural dynamics, and applications of this theory to earthquake analysis, response, design, and evaluation of structures. No prior knowledge of structural dynamics is assumed in order to make this book suitable for the reader learning the subject for the first time. The presentation is sufficiently detailed and carefully integrated by cross-referencing to make the book suitable for self-study. This feature of the book, combined with a practically motivated selection of topics, should interest professional engineers, especially those concerned with analysis and design of structures in earthquake country. In developing this book, much emphasis has been placed on making structural dynamics easier to learn by students and professional engineers because many find this subject to be difficult. To achieve this goal, the presentation has been structured around several features: The mathematics is kept as simple as each topic will permit. Analytical procedures are summarized to emphasize the key steps and to facilitate their implementation by the reader. These procedures are illustrated by over 125 worked-out examples, including many comprehensive and realistic examples where the physical interpretation of results is stressed. Some 600 figures have been carefully designed and executed to be pedagogically effective; many of them involve extensive computer simulations of dynamic response of structures. Photographs of structures and structural motions recorded during earthquakes are included to relate the presentation to the real world
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