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This book includes topics: Names and Titles; Describing people; Clothes; Times; Dates; Jobs; Sports and Exercise; Locations; The family; Entertainment; Prices; Restaurants; Small Talk; Vacations;...
Ký hiệu xếp giá: 428.34R300C
This book includes subjects: Small talk; Part-time jobs; Successful businesses; Gadgets and machines; Character traits; Cooking; Housing; Apartment problems; Friendship; Television; Cities; Urban...
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CONTENTS Introduction Section 1: Approaches to Teaching Section 2: Lesson Planning and Classroom Management Section 3: Classroom Dynamics Section 4: Syllabus Design and Instructional Materials...
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Contents: Let's get started; Do you want to meet him; Are these your keys; Where are they; How old are you; Tell me about your family; What does she look like; Do you like this sweater; What time is...





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