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Contents: A long walk home; Student learning teams; Culture shock; A young blind whiz; Pop group's use of folk song stirs debate; How to make a speech; Private lives; Future talk: a conversation with...
Ký hiệu xếp giá: 428.64L4789s
Contents: Are you getting enough sleep; Mika's homestay in london; The book of the future; How to be a successful businessperson; Tonic water, please; Cell phones: hang up or keep talking; The ghost...
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Contents: What is creative thinking; Why I quit the company; The body shop; And the big winners were; Listen up; Don't let stereotypes warp your judgment; East west on love's risky cyberhighway;...
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Contents: spending time; lifestyles; customs; clothing; behavior; technology; sports; places; gift - giving; movies; health; plans and goals.
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