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Ký hiệu xếp giá: 418.007B400C
Contents: workshop introduction; writing intruction for students; the dreaded topic of punctuation; prewriting & writing activities for fun and learning; providing feedback; activities for reviewing.
Ký hiệu xếp giá: 418.007B400C
contents: workshop introduction; introduction to the teaching of reading; strategies and/or techniques; strategies for critical reading; culture of the second language; reading speed; vocabulary...
Ký hiệu xếp giá: 428.25T4821p
The book is a comprehensive survey of structures and forms, written in clear modern English and illustrated with numerous examples.
Ký hiệu xếp giá: 428.34R300C
This book includes topics: Names and Titles; Describing people; Clothes; Times; Dates; Jobs; Sports and Exercise; Locations; The family; Entertainment; Prices; Restaurants; Small Talk; Vacations;...
Ký hiệu xếp giá: 428.240 71M395
Best practice is a business English series designed for both pre-work students. Its topic-based modules train students in the skills needed to communicate in the professional and personal sides of...
Ký hiệu xếp giá: 428.007 6F400W
The six tests can be complete by students at home as homework or in class as timed exercises. For maximum benefit it is recommended that teachers exploit the vocabulary content of the book by...
Ký hiệu xếp giá: 420.7N100B
This book includes topics: All work and no play; Making sense; Big screen, small screen; In the mind's eye; Stuff of life; Interesting characters; Trade and treasure; A taste of it; By land and by...
Ký hiệu xếp giá: 420.7B100C
This book includes topics: From me to you; In the limelight; By coincidence; A day's work; The nature of things; Make your mark; By design; Special offer; Mysteries and science; Mind your manners;...







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