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BASIC ENGLISH FOR COMPUTING CONTENTS Unit 1: Everyday uses of computers Unit 2: Types of computer Unit 3: Parts of a computer Unit 4: Keyboard and mouse Unit 5: Interview: Student Unit 6: Input...
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CONTENT Unit 1: Computer Applications Unit 2: Peripherals Unit 3: Artificial Intelligence Unit 4: Operating Systems Unit 5: Computer Structure Unit 6: Data Structures Unit 7: Computer Personnel Unit...
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CONTENTS 1. What is engineering? 2. The right person in the right job 3. The starting point 4. The course for you 5. What is it made from? 6. Bend it like... 7. A picture is worth a thousand words 8....
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Nội dung cuốn sách gồm các phần: introduction; refrigeration and air conditioning; boiler and thermal power plant; renew able anergy; technical report.
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MỤC LỤC Phần 1: Student'book Section 1. Computers today Máy tính ngày nay Section 2. Input/output devices Các thiết bị nhập xuất Section 3. Storage devices Các thiết bị lưu trữ Section 4. Basic...
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This book includes: The computer; The desktop; Using a word processor; Word processing: for and against; Storing data; Creating a folder; Saving files; The Internet; Research on the Internet; E-mail,...
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MỤC LỤC Section 1. Computers today Section 2. Input/output devices Section 3. Storage devices Section 4. Basic software Section 5. Creative software Section 6. Programming Section 7. Computers...
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This book includes topics: Computers today; Input/output devices; Storage devices; Basic software; Creative software; Programming; Computers tomorrow.
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This dictionary has a collection of 100.000.000 words of both written and spoken English. Many of examples in the dictionary are corpus-based.
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