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Contents: Collecting the information; Using graphs and statistics; Selecting and organising the material; Presenting findings; Concluding and recommending; Summarising.
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Contents: 1. Basic training, Organize your thoughts; Analyze your audience; Be clear and concise; Keep it simple; Accentuate the positive; Avoid certain words; Add a personal touch; Tailor your...
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Exploring Writing emphasizes personalized learning. Powered by Connect Writing, students gain access to an adaptive personalized learning plan which helps them become more aware of what they already...
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Cuốn sách này bao gồm những nội dung chính sau: quản lý dự án trên một trang giấy là gì; tổng quan về dự án; 5 yếu tố của một dự án và quản lý dự án trên một trang giấy; 12 bước lập công cụ quản lý...
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This book is Written for Business people who prepare proposals (and for business people who evaluate them). If you are a consultant who owns your own business or who works for a firm of two or...
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Contents: process writing; getting ready to write; the structure of a paragraph; descriptive and process paragraphs; opinion paragraphs; comparison/ contrast paragraphs; problem/solution paragraphs;...
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Contents: The sentence and the paragraph; Descriptive paragraph; Process paragraphs; opinion paragraphs; Narrative paragraphs.
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Contents: Paragraph to short essay; Descriptive essays; Opinion Essays; Comparison and Contrast essays; Cause and effect essays.
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Contents: The five-paragraph essay; Process analysis essay; Cause and effect essays; Argumentative essay; Classification essays; reaction essays.
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Contents: Preface; Case; Agreement and reference; Tense; Mood and voice; Modifiers; Connectives; Punctuation.
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