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Empirical pharmacokinetics -- Numerical methods for PK parameter estimation -- Physiological aspects on pharmacokinetics -- Modelling the distribution process -- PK/PD modelling.
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Brief contents: Essentials of CRM: A People, Process, and Technology Approach; Functional Areas of CRM Within Ozganizations; Managing Data for CRM Applications; The Role of Business Intelligence (BI)...
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Brief contents: Part I: objects and C++: arrays, pointers, and structures; objects and classes; templates; inheritance; design patterns; - Part II: Algorithms and building blocks: algorithm analysis;...
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Intelligent automation -- Neurally inspired algorithms as computational tools -- Using pharmacodynamic biomarkers to accelerate early clinical drug development -- Opportunities in CNS drug discovery...
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This book includes: Computing Fundamentals; Structured Basic; Structured Fortran; Data Analysis; Computer Mathematics; Engineers Applications; Spreadsheets.
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Brief contents: the financial accounting research system (FARS) primer; resources beyond the financial accounting reserch system (FARS); building your business vocabulary; brain teasers; cases to...
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