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Ký hiệu xếp giá: 658.314 M917
Helping Emplyees Find Meaning; Strengthening Personal Qualities; Fostering Commitment Beyond Just the Job; Retaining Your Top Performers; Selecting the Right Rewards; Recognition and Incentives.
Ký hiệu xếp giá: 658.3125014 B8864p
Contents: Indispensable Communications Tools; Lessons from the best; Additional Tips and Techniques; Minding the gap between performance Problems and Optimum performance.
Ký hiệu xếp giá: 428.34 S2836
This series that helps students to think critically and succeed academically. With new note-taking skills, an extended writing syllabus and authentic video in every unit, this book equips students...
Ký hiệu xếp giá: 658.302 C418
Brief Contents: What is the Supervision?; Modern Supervision Challenges; Function of the Supervision; Skills of the Supervision; Supervision and Human Resources.
Ký hiệu xếp giá: 658.409 D378
Contents: Getting to Know You; A Great Place to Work; On the Same Team; Productivity Boosters; Help Them Help You ; Out of the Clear Blue Sky; Knowing When to Follow; What You Say and What You Don't;...
Ký hiệu xếp giá: 658.409 B639
This book includes: The discovery; The press conference; The challenge; The Preparation; The secret blend; The search for integrity; The partnership imperative; The art of affirmation; Perfecting the...
Ký hiệu xếp giá: 658.312 4 J51
Contents: Why this book is important?; Emsuring an ROI on your rawards programs; The link between rewards and business objectives; Performance measures that motivate; Getting employee commitment with...
Ký hiệu xếp giá: 428.24 J779w
Contents: Different kinds of people; International travel; Phone calls; Food and drink; Correspondence; Accommodation; Money; Travelling around; problems; Attractions and activities; Communication...
Ký hiệu xếp giá: 658.304 5 W556
This book includes: Bob's meltdown; A question of character; What a star-What a jerk; When your star performer can't manage; Do something-He's about to snap; When salaries aren't secret.
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