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Personalising Language Learning provides guidance and practical activities for teachers who are looking for ways to make the language learning experience more person-based. Taking the learner as the...
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Teachers of English and other languages have always known the value of pictures in the classroom. Pictures motivate, demonstrate and instruct. They provide cultural information which it is impossible...
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This book deals with the kinds of everyday questions working teachers face as they plan lessons and courses. Each chapter contains an analysis of the issue under discussion, as well as practical...
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This book introduces a new field of educational research called 'teacher learning,' as it applies to the teaching of languages. Up until recently, the study of second language teacher education has...
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Contents: workshop introduction; writing intruction for students; the dreaded topic of punctuation; prewriting & writing activities for fun and learning; providing feedback; activities for reviewing.
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contents: workshop introduction; introduction to the teaching of reading; strategies and/or techniques; strategies for critical reading; culture of the second language; reading speed; vocabulary...
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Contents: foundations for classroom practice; contexts of learning and teaching; designing and implementing; teaching language skills; assessing language skills; lifelong learning.
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More than 130 activities as well as tips and suggestions for using the classroom board more effectively and efficiently. This book provides tips and suggestions to help language teachers use their...
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Nội dung sách gồm có 44 bài học phát âm dành cho học viên trình độ tiền trung cấp, 40 bài học phát âm dành cho học viên trình độ trung cấp, 21 bài học về trọng âm, nhịp điệu và ngữ điệu.
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