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Contents Preface About the authors 1.Crystal properties and growth of semiconductors 2.Atoms and electrons 3.Energy bands and semiconductors 4.Excess carriers in semiconductors 5.Junctions...
Ký hiệu xếp giá: 621.381 E386 1996
Contents: fundamental electrical theory; properties of materials and components; properties of passive components; passive electrical circuits; electron vacuum devices; semiconductor devices and...
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Contents SECTION I: FUNDAMENTAL ELECTRICAL THEORY 1. Electromagnetic spectrum 2. Resonance 3. Electroacoutics 4. Thermal noise and other circuit noise 5. Logic concepts and design 6. Digital logic...
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Brief Contents: Think Before You E-Mail; Composing Your E-Mail Message; Keys to Effective E-Mail; Polishing Your Cybermanners; Formatting your E-Mail Message; Managing E-Mail Overload.
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