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This book includes: The Information Age in Which You Live Changing the Face of Business; Information Technology Systems; Strategic and Competitive Opportunities; Databases and Data Warehouses;...
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Contents: Computer Users; Computer Architecture; Computer Applications; Peripherals; Interview: former student; Operating Systems; Graphical user interfaces; Applications programs; Multimedia;...
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What is pharmacy informatics? -- Drivers of change: emergent information and biotechnologies -- Computer and informatics basics -- Controlled vocabularies -- Literature and the world wide web --...
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The text begins with review of basic mathematics and algebra and progresses through more advanced topics such as namber systems, set theory, and logic. The book is designed to be used at either the...
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This book provides an overview of contingency operrations- including its components and a thorough treatment of the administration of the planning process for incident response, disaster recovery,...
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Contents: introduction; speeech: the words you say; structure: the strategy you choose; visual aids: your supporting cast; delivery: you, the room, and the audience; conclusion.
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Computerized provider order entry -- ePrescribing -- Clinical decision support -- Pharmacy information systems -- Pharmacy automation systems -- Bar code medication scanning at the point of care --...
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Brief Contens: Human Skills and Technical Tools; Managing a project.
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This book includes topics: An aggressive species; Political animals; Ethical dilemmas; People who ask too much; Capturing and keeping the job; Putting it together.
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This book includes: Part I: preliminaries: an overview of database management; database system architeture; an introduction to relational databases; an introduction to SQL - Part II: the relational...
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