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Ký hiệu xếp giá: 658.42 D794
Brief Contents: The Practice of Innovation; The Practice of Entrepreneurship; Entrepreneurial Strategies.
Ký hiệu xếp giá: 423 M1677 2002
The Macmillan English Dictionary highlights these vital 7,500 in red, encouraging learners to swiftly grasp the core words necessary to speak and write fluently.
Ký hiệu xếp giá: 363.34 H997
This book includes: Natural Hazards and Disasters; Plate Tectonics and Physical Hazards; Earthquake and Their Causes; Earthquake Prediction and Mitigation; Tsunami; Volcanoes: Tectonic Environments...
Ký hiệu xếp giá: 658.8 S819
Contents: What is marketing all about?; Marketing Fields; Education and Straining; A Career in Marketing: Honest Work; Real maketing people; The future of marketing careers; Market yourself.
Ký hiệu xếp giá: 790.023 73 J51
Bief Contens: Recreation for New Generation; Development of the Recreation Profession; Diversity Within Recreation Careers;The Forces of Change Affecting Employment; Personal Investment and...
Ký hiệu xếp giá: 333.330973 F645
This book includes: Real Estate Market Analysis; Real Estate's Legal Framework; Real Estate Services; Real Estate Transactions; Real Estate Investment Analysis; Real Estate Development.
Ký hiệu xếp giá: 332.640973 S3985
Brief Contents: Back from the Abyss; Dialing for Dollars; Against the Current; Harvesting S&P Profits; Win-Win Investing; From Istanbul to Wall Street Bull; Stock Around the Clock; The Ultimate...
Ký hiệu xếp giá: 428.1 A955t
Contents: Part one: The sound system of English: spelling and pronunciation; individual sounds of English; English sounds in context; the shape of English words 5. Word stress and vowel...
Ký hiệu xếp giá: 346.73 L4963
The Legal and Regulatory Environment of Business by Shedd and Reed is designed for those interested in the Legal Environment of Business course. This business study book concentrates on the legal and...
Ký hiệu xếp giá: 658.304 5 W556
This book includes: Bob's meltdown; A question of character; What a star-What a jerk; When your star performer can't manage; Do something-He's about to snap; When salaries aren't secret.
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