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This book provides detailed information on the prevalence and manifestations of the most important oral complications associated with different drug treatments, focusing especially on recently...
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Unit 01: It’s My First Day at School; Unit 02: There Are Five People in My Family; Unit 03: What’s Your Morning Routine Like?; Unit 04: Would You Like to See a Movie Tonight?; Unit 05: What Did You...
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Unit 01: I Want to Get Some Job Experience; Unit 02: I Made a Reservation on Your Website; Unit 03: I Have a Reservation for 8:00 Tonight; Unit 04: We Offer 24-Hour-a-Day Room Service; Unit 05: There...
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Contents: PART ONE : ATMOSRHERE: Our planet earth; Ecosystems and biodiversity; Atmosphere; Greenhouse effect and global warming; PART TWO: WATER: The hydrologic cycle; Oceans and fisheries; ...
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This book includes: principles for understanding our environment; people in the environment; understanding and managing living systems; physical resources and environment systems; issuse and policy.
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Contents: Unit 1: Small Talk Unit 2: Part-Time Jobs Unit 3: Successful Business Unit 4: Gadgets and Machines Unit 5: Character Traits Unit 6: Cooking Unit 7: Housing Unit 8: Apartment Problems Unit...
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Contents : The sexes; Compulsion; Talents; Appearances; Foreign parts; The mind; Free time; Media; Around us; Innovation; Communication; Society Reference Section.
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