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The Teacher’s Book contains the teaching notes and answer keys The Resource Disc has photocopiable extra activities, a variety of Tests with audio, plus video scripts from the Students’ book.
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This book includes: Personal Skills; Interpersonal Skills; Group and Organizational Skills.
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Using dialogues in different contexts, this book provides over 100 practical activities for teachers to adapt for their classrooms. These activities encourage learners to look at the English language...
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Contents: setting started; working with headwords; working with meaning; vocabulary development; using texts; using bilingual dictionaries.
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Dictionary Activities is a fantastic teaching resource which helps students get to know their dictionaries by explaining dictionary features and how to navigate them. The book also covers more...
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Contents: 1. What is discourse? 2. Formal links 3. Why formal links are not enough 4. Two views of discourse structure: as poduct and as process 5. Discourse as dialogue 6. Knowledge in...
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Discussions and More is an updated version of the classic handbook Discussions that Work and an invaluable resource for teachers who want to provide learners with a varied range of successful...
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Academic writing overview; Understanding the topic & planning; academic arguments; Structure: introductions; Structure: main body paragraphs; Structure: conclusions; Finding evidence; Reading...
English for Business Communication - A modular short course on socialising, telephoning, presentations, meetings, negotiations - is a short course for managers to improve their coomunicative ability....
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