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Contents: what is evaluation?; purposes for evaluation; how can teachers evaluate their classroom?; a framework for curriculum evaluation; project evaluation; evaluation of methodology; evaluation of...
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CONTENTS The authors and series editor Foreword Introduction How to use this book 1. About films 2. Working with film clips 3. Creating film-related materials 4. Responding to whole films 5. Making...
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This comprehensive resource book contains an easy-to-use set of short activities essential for anyone teaching Business English. Reflecting real-life business activities such as emails, noisy...
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Contents: The Family in America; Work in America; Education in America; Trends in America.
Ký hiệu xếp giá: 428.3P3242f
Contents: Attitudes; Money; Health; Education; Crime; The environment; Aliens; History; Women in society; The Developing world; Violence; Politics; Economics; Happiness; Globalization.
Ký hiệu xếp giá: 428.3P3242
Contents: The Stages of a Unit; Listening/reading Worksheets; Unit Assessment; Oral Interview Questions; Student's Book Answers; Teacher's Book Answers.
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Content: The history and development of tourism; The organization and structure of tourism; Travel agents; Tour operation; Air travel; Travel by sea and river-cruises and ferries; Travel by road and...
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Contents: 1. The history and development of tourism 2. The organization and structure of tourism 3. Travel agents 4. Tour operations 5. Air travel 6. Travel by sea and river - cruises and ferries 7....
Ký hiệu xếp giá: 428.2U721g
Contents: Guidelines: grammar; practice; activities; in the classroom. Activities: adjectives; adverbs; articles, definite and indefinite; both...and, either...or, neither...nor; comparison of...
Ký hiệu xếp giá: 428.2W1788g
Contents: Nouns and adjectives; Verbs; Conditionals; Modals; Gerunds and infinitives; Reported speech; Sentence structure.
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