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Ký hiệu xếp giá: 428.24P3385g
Contents: the present; the past; the future; modals; tag questions and other additions; nouns, quantity expressions, and arrticles; adjectives and adverbs; comparatives and superlatives; gerunds,...
Ký hiệu xếp giá: 428.24B6423g 2004
Contents: the present, past and future; connecting the present, past, and distant past; modals; the passive, gerunds, and infinitives; modifying nouns; conditionals; noun clauses and reported speech.
Ký hiệu xếp giá: 428.2F671g
Contents: sentence basics, paragraphs, basics, writing about the present, writing about the past, writing about the future, sentence variety, reader response, putting it together.
Ký hiệu xếp giá: 428.2F671
Contents: paragraphs, developing ideas for writing, topic sentences, supporting and concluding sentences, paragraph review, definition paragraphs, process paragraphs, opinion paragraphs, narrative...
Ký hiệu xếp giá: 428.2F671g 4
Contents: exploring the essay, narrative essays, comparison essays, cause-effect essays, argument essays, other forms of academic writing.
Ký hiệu xếp giá: 428.1B8759
Contents: words in context; theme grouping: living things, time and space, throught and communication, feelings and sensations, places and movement, size; everyday and specific vocabulary; roots;...
Ký hiệu xếp giá: 428.2K599i 1996
Contents: Chapter 1: School Life; Chapter 2: Experiencing nature; Chapter 3: Living to Eat or Eating to Live?; Chapter 4: Getting Around the Community; Chapter 5: Home; Chapter 6: Emergences and...
Ký hiệu xếp giá: 428.2W494
Contents: Chapter1: Education and Student Life; Chapter 2: City Life; Chapter3: Business and Money; Chapter 4: Jobs and Professions; Chapter 5: Lifestyles; Chapter 6: The Global Village; Chapter 7:...
Ký hiệu xếp giá: 428.24P3385i
Contents: Expressing the Present: the Simple Present, the Present Continuous, and Stative Verbs -- Adverbs of Frequency, There Is and There Are, and Imperatives -- Expressing the Past Time: the...
Ký hiệu xếp giá: 428.0071T2439i
Contents: Getting to know people; Lifestyles; A great place to work; The roach to success; The world's largest industry; Global comparisons; Life in the fast lane; Future world language; Destination...
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