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This book is about negotiating effectively. It is grounded in lots of solid research. It's amazing how many aspects of negotiation have been studied and how much is proven and known about effective...
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This book has three aims: to help you become good at negotiating, increase your confidence, and improve the rewards you get from con-cluding an effective negotiation.
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Contents: Competitive Versus Collaborative Decision Making; BATNA - Choosing Whether to Walk Away; Are We Ready? Inoculation Protects The Parties; Preparation Part One: Stakeholders; Preparation Part...
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Brief Contens: Negotiating in Asia; Successful Negotiators and the States of Negotiation; The Preparation Stage; The Introduction State; The Objection State; The Creation State; The Contracting and...
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Contents: Indispensable Communications Tools; Lessons from the best; Additional Tips and Techniques; Minding the gap between performance Problems and Optimum performance.
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In 101 Small Business Ideas for Under $5000, you'll find a realistic guide to turning your ideas and skills into a business that you can run part-time or full-time or even as an absentee owner.
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Communications is the key to sucess in any business. Whether you are trying to sell a product, answer a query or complaint from a customer or convince your colleagues to follow a certain course of...
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Contents: Ethics, Values, and Social Responsibility in Business; Ethical Issues and Dilemmas in the Workplace; Business and Society: Contemporary Ethical, Social, and Environmental Issues; Ethics...
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